Innovative Strength

TopSupports can be used for multiple applications, such as ventilation, electricity, plumbing, refrigeration and fire security

TopSupports vs Iron Angle: The choice is Simple.

model TS150
vs Galvanized Iron Angle
(1.5" x 1.5" x 0.125")
= Winner Results
TopSupports 50%* stronger
TopSupports 50%* less expensive
TopSupports 75%* faster
TopSupports No painting required

* Values vary according to the TopSupports model

TS2-18B and TS2-22B: Seismic Bracing

Install a TS2 TopSupports back-to-back with a 3/8" threaded rod for seismic installations
Screws must be inserted straight
(use self-tapping metal screws #10x¾)
Screw heads
must be flush
Little or no gap
3" (76mm) Max.
Install screws as lateral
pairs(face to face)
12" (305mm) Max.